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    Energy Savings

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    How to adjust a Trane ThermostatThe thermostat– A programmable thermostat or a centralized heating system will let you save on the heating cost. The programmable thermostat will let you set your desired room temperature on a specific period of the day. This is very useful if you are leaving your home or are going to sleep overnight. The centralized heating system, on the other hand, will give you the ultimate control of the temperature of every room. These 2 will let you decide how warm a room could be. One interesting thing to note is that a centigrade lower on your heating system will let your save as much as 5% on your heating cost.

    The duct– Small leaks on the duct will certainly result in lost heat, so make sure that this is regularly checked. Usually ducts are located in unheated places. This is another reason why heat is lost. Insulate the ducts by wrapping it with R-6 or higher fiberglass. Never use cloth-backed tapes. You can also wrap them with UL-approved metallic or plastic tapes and mastic sealants. Leaking ductwork loses 30% more on your heating system, so make sure they are sealed and secured.

    Winter means one thing: cold air. But for those who are conscious enough to notice, winter means larger electric bills. Yes, it is true. Aside from summer, winter is the season of the year where your electric bills skyrocket. Why? Because we need to warm our home. Our home should have the right temperature to give us comfort. And the modern way to do it is by turning on our heating system. This is the biggest portion of our electric bill. Fortunately, we have the whole Fall to prepare for it. And to prepare for it means that we must have the right tools and proper information on how to save during the coming season.

    Call us for all of your residential and commercial heating and air conditioning needs: 402-205-8111

    The openings– Openings on your doors, windows, joints and sills will let the cold air outside to go in and the warm air from the inside to go out. Make sure that these openings are sealed with either sealant or weatherstripping. It will help reduce the work of the heating system immensely.

    The water heater– Households can set the heating system between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is ideal on both mobile homes and regular homes.

    When you decide to use the fireplace, you can turn down your heater. This will save you as much as 8% on heating cost.

    Whether you like it or not and whether you come prepared or not, winter is coming. Take time now to inspect your equipment and be prepared!

    The furnaceРThe furnace will have to work extra hard if the filter is full of dirt. This will equal energy waste since the furnace will use more power to provide  service. To avoid this, make sure that your filter is clean. The owner's manual will tell you how to clean the filter. A clean filter will let you breathe clean air around your house. A clean filter saves you 5% on heating cost.

    Call us for all of your residential and commercial heating and air conditioning needs: 402-205-8111

    The fireplace– Getting your fireplace ready will certainly yield savings, and fall is the best time to clean and repair your fireplace. Make sure that the damper is tightly sealed when not in use. A small space would let the cold air rush in and send the warm air out. If you are using an electric heating system, an opening on the fireplace would mean more work to maintain warmth. Let a professional contractor to do the proper maintenance. They are certainly more capable in securing your fireplace.

    The solar heat– You need not have solar panels on your roof to use the sun as the source of heat. All you have to do is use open your drapes during the day to warn your room without using electricity. Just close them at night to keep the warm air inside. Reduction in the use of the heating system during the day will let you cut as much as 10% on your electric consumption.

    Call us for all of your residential and commercial heating and air conditioning needs: 402-205-8111